City Animal Hospital

598 Union St
Fredericton, NB E3A 3N2


Effective November 1st, 2022, City Animal Hospital’s on-call service has changed. Please see below.

In Case of an Emergency

Calling our clinic (506-458-9223) outside of our regular business hours will direct you to our Answering Service.

They will take your information and relay it to whichever clinic is handling emergencies at that time. 

Those clinics include:

Valley Veterinary Hospital

Douglas Animal Hospital

Royal Road Veterinary Hospital

Countryside Vet Hospital

Oromocto Veterinary Hospital

Port City Emergency Veterinary Hospital

City Animal Hospital’s overnight on-call coverage has changed.

Our on-call group will continue to see the vast majority of our emergencies locally between the hours of 8am and 10pm. However, animals requiring immediate care overnight (between 10pm and 8am, 7 nights a week) will be directed to the Port City Emergency Veterinary Hospital. Clients in need of care may call there directly at (506) 658-8387. Our answering service will also be provided with the relevant contact information to help direct you appropriately. This change is expected to last until we can get 24/7 emergency service here in the city (a goal to which we are still collectively working). 

Who they are: Port City Emergency Veterinary Hospital ( opened this year in St John, NB. They have veterinarians and technicians on-site 24/7 with a focus on emergency medicine.

Why things are changing: The field of veterinary medicine is evolving. In the past, the option of 24/7 care did not exist in most places; if there was an emergency and a pet needed to be seen at 2am, the only option was to wake the doctor on call. Today, not only has full-time overnight care become an expectation of many pet owners, but the option of accessible, fully staffed emergency rooms exists! It is our desire to provide the best reasonable standard of care for all of our patients, and it is the consensus of our emergency group that this change is required to meet that standard. We hope this will be the next step in bridging the gap between the reality and the ideals of veterinary care.